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GMPlus offers over 100 AI-Generated Prompts to expedite your email crafting process, enabling you to seamlessly compose emails for any given context or topic.

Organize Your Emails in Custom Tabs

With GMPlus's Toggle On or Off feature, seamlessly adjust the use of the email writing tool as per your requirements, smoothing your email workflow.

Customize and Send Email Templates

GMPlus's Custom Template Storage allows for quick access and reuse of your favorite prompt templates, boosting your efficiency.

Sending of Personalized Broadcast Messages

With GMPlus's comprehensive Multilingual Support, receive efficient writing assistance, no matter the language you're writing in.

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GMPlus is a leading brand in the field of AI-powered email solutions. We are committed to revolutionizing email communication by integrating advanced AI technology, specifically OpenAI's ChatGPT, into everyday email usage. Our flagship product, AI Email Generator-GMPlus, is a testament to this commitment.

It's a Chrome extension tool designed to assist users in crafting effective and professional emails. By offering features such as AI-generated prompts, custom template storage, and multilingual support, we aim to cater to a wide range of professionals, including those in sales, marketing, and HR. Our mission is to make email communication more efficient, accurate, and personalized, thereby helping our users achieve better outcomes in their professional endeavors.
AI Email Generator-GMPlus is a product under the GMPlus brand. It's a Chrome extension tool that uses ChatGPT AI to assist in writing email content. It's designed to help you craft impressive emails from scratch, fix any typos, and provide completion suggestions based on your email's context.
AI Email Generator-GMPlus uses ChatGPT, a powerful language model developed by OpenAI, to generate email content. When you start writing an email, GMPlus will provide suggestions to complete your email based on the context. You can choose to accept the suggestion or continue writing on your own.
AI Email Generator is designed for anyone who uses Gmail for communication, especially professionals in fields like sales, marketing, and HR who frequently use email for communication.
AI Email Generator supports all languages. No matter what language you're writing in, GMPlus can assist you.
You can start using AI Email Generator-GMPlus by installing the Chrome extension. Once installed, you can access GMPlus when you're writing an email in Gmail. Click on the GMPlus icon below your input text to get a suggestion from ChatGPT.
Yes, you can adapt GMPlus to your workflow. You can turn it on when you need assistance and turn it off when you don't.
The Custom Template Storage feature allows you to save and store your frequently used templates. This feature enables you to quickly access and reuse your favorite templates, enhancing your efficiency.
AI-Generated Prompts are pre-existing templates tailored to various professions. Whether you're in sales, marketing, HR, or any other field, you'll discover a prompt designed to cater to your specific needs.
Your privacy is our priority. AI Email Generator-GMPlus does not store your emails or use ads, cookies, or third-party trackers. The data sent to the AI model is only the user prompt and the previous email text content, which can be edited to remove sensitive information.
In the direction of AI Email Generator, and AI Write, there are a lot of excellent competitors, such as Merlin AI, Speedwrite, Chatgptwriter, Writesonic and Monica.im, Copyai, Jasper AI
If you encounter any problems while using AI Email Generator-GMPlus, please contact our customer service.

1. Customer service email: [email protected]
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