G Map Extractor - Free and Easy Google Map leads Extractor

A Free scraping tool for business leads, fast and efficient Scraper and Extractor for Google Maps and export to csv file,
includes phone number, email address, location and social media profiles.

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Google Maps Scraper

Download Google Map Extractor - Easy and Free To Use!

Help You Quickly Export The Leads Data On Google Maps

Save Leads Data as Csv File For You!!

Completely Free

The tool is free, and the purpose is to help more people get information quickly.

Easy to Use

The tool interface is simple, and it automatically helps users collect leads data without additional operations.

Diverse and Accurate Data

Currently supports the collection of more than 18 items of data, such as phone numbers and specific addresses.

Alternative Text

Download Google Map Extractor - Easy and Free To Use!

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Google Maps Extractor In-Depth Analysis

Automatically scraper Google Map Leads data.

Do you want to quickly get the leads information in google map? Quickly query the information of the associated store on Google Maps through a keyword. When users browse map data, it automatically helps users collect effective leads data, which is fast, convenient and saves time.

Phone Number Scraper

Rich Data Dimensions.

The obtained leads data contains rich data dimensions!!Currently, the tool supports the collection of about 18 data dimensions, such as important phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses, etc.

Google Maps Data Scraper Tool